Integrated Security Solutions

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Today more than ever before organisations are looking at ways to achieve more with less. The maxim defines the quest for Physical Security solutions to move away from proprietary appliances and software to the globally accepted open IT technologies and infrastructure.

Governance and compliance are forcing organisations to accept that video images are corporate data that need to adhere to the same practises as other corporate data including ensuring stringent protection, retention and security.

The solution is to use standard IT platforms that provide security as a business application to the organisation. These platforms include Shared External Storage and virtualisation of security application servers.

The benefit to an organisation is the economies of scale shared between the security application and other applications. The implementation, support, training and maintenance of the common infrastructure results in direct savings.

Our primary focus when it comes to our Integrated Security solutions and offerings is the design, supply and support of best-of-breed holistic physical security information solutions. Our solutions incorporate investment protection, cost control and flexibility whilst acknowledging the key business and functional performance of the solution.


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